About water

Drinking water under the trademarks "Vartemyazhskaya", "Sanprima", "Aquamia" is produced in a uniquely clean place - wells No. 1414, 1415 (180 and 182 meters deep), which are located in the Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, in the village of Vartemyagi (from Finnish - "Watch Mountain"). This is the resource of one of the most ancient aquifers of the Leningrad region - the Gdovskiy (Vendskiy) horizon.

Wells No. 1414,1415 are wonderful sources of water resources. The waters in them were formed for a long time in the thickness of the earth, absorbing useful trace elements and mineral salts for thousands of years. We can say with confidence that nature itself has endowed water with energy and strength.

The ecological purity of the water source is ensured by three important factors:

  • the water horizon is protected from the penetration of surface contamination by a 180-meter sandy-clayey rock mass
  • the aquifer recharge area is located far beyond industrial production
  • the area where the extraction and bottling takes place has a high ecological status, where there are no industrial enterprises

Natural drinking water obtained from sources is ideal for daily unlimited consumption, as it is categorized as a canteen. Mineralization - 70 mg / liter. At the same time, it contains a combination of trace elements necessary for the human body and has a pleasant refreshing taste.

Water extraction technology consists of several stages. Water is raised by pumps from artesian wells, after which it undergoes 5-stage purification, including ultraviolet treatment and ozonation in the stream, and directly enters the bottling line. This allows you to preserve all the properties of natural drinking water, but makes its characteristics stable.
Product quality control is carried out at every stage of the production process: from the moment of preparation of the returnable packaging to the release of finished products. Water is bottled using modern equipment that meets the highest international standards.

Numerous checks are carried out both by our own laboratory and by third-party accredited laboratories. Bottled water is subject to microbiological, physical and chemical control and sensory control on a daily basis. Thanks to this strict control, we get really clean water that meets all the necessary requirements. Bottled water contains no additives or preservatives.