Manufacturer Ecotronic
Main functions Heating and cooling
Construction type Desktop
Cooling type Electronic
Cabinet Without cabinet
Country of origin Russia
Cooling 0.6 l / h (≥ 11 C °)
Cooling capacity 40 W
Heating 5 l / h (≤ 90 C °)
Heating power ≤ 500 W
Monitor / Control Addition No
Color White / office equipment color
Cabinet volume no
Hot water tank capacity ≤ 0.8L. not collapsible
Cold water tank capacity ≤ 0.8l., (food plastic)
Warranty period 12 months
Type of cranes Hand pressure
Availability of 3rd crane No
Hot water tap protection No
Heating element Inner
Dimensions with packaging 400x295x295 mm
Height (mm) 380
Width (mm) 275
Depth (mm) 290
Dimensions without packaging 380x275x290   mm

picture  Nevsky beverage plant
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