Delivery of water across the Leningrad region

Delivery within L.O. carried out on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00.

Nevsky Beverage Plant offers the delivery of high-grade drinking water across the Leningrad Region. We deliver bottled water in large containers of 19 liters and in small bottles from 0.5 to 8 liters. You can also order tea, coffee, soft drinks from us or buy a modern cooler for your home or office.

Orders are accepted on weekdays from 9:00 to 20:00, on Saturday - from 10 to 16-00 by phone +7 (812) 642-65-55 or via the website. Delivery in the Leningrad region is carried out on certain days of the week. At the moment, the logistics program is being finalized and in the near future delivery in the region will be possible every day.

  • Vsevolozhsky district
    • Vsevolozhsk
    • Koltushi
    • Murino
    • Novosaratovka
    • pos. them. Sverdlova
  • Vsevolozhsky district
    • Sertolovo
    • Chernaya rechka
    • Yanino
  • Vyborgsky District
    • Pervomayskoye
    • Roshchino
    • Gatchina region
    • Gatchina
    • Kommunar
  • Kirovsky district
    • Pavlovo na Neve
    • Shlisselburg
  • Kolpinsky district
    • Kolpino
    • Metallostroy
    • Pantonyy
    • Saperny
  • Krasnoselsky district
    • Gorelovo
    • Krasnoe Selo
  • Resort area
    • Zelenogorsk
    • Sestroretsk
  • Lomonosov district
    • Gorbunki
    • Lomonosov
    • Novosel'ye
    • Sosnovy Bor
  • Petrodvortsovy district
    • Peterhof
    • Petrodvorets
    • Strelna
  • Primorsky district
    • Lakhta
    • Lisiy Nos
    • Olgino
  • Pushkinsky district
    • Pavlovsk
    • Pushkin
    • Shushary
  • Tosno District
    • Tosno

Delivery schedule to the settlements of the Leningrad region:

Localities Day of the week
Vsevolozhsky district
Vsevolozhsk Thursday
Talkers Thursday
Murino Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Newsaratov Tuesday, Wednesday
pos. them. Sverdlova Tuesday
Black Frechka Wednesday
Vyborgsky District
Gatchina region
Gatchina Friday
Kommunar Friday
Kirovsky district
Pavlovo na Neve Wednesday
Kolpinsky district
Kolpino Monday, Wednesday
Metallostroy Monday, Tuesday
Saperny Monday
Krasnoselsky district
Gorelovo Tuesday, Friday
Krasnoe Selo Friday
Resort area
Sestroretsk Monday
Lomonosov District
Lomonosov Monday, Friday
Sosnovy Bor Monday
Petrodvortsovy District
Peterhof Monday, Wednesday
Petrodvorets Monday, Wednesday
Primorsky District
Lakhta Monday
Lysiy Nos Monday
Olgino Monday
Pushkinsky district
Pavlovsk Monday, Wednesday
Pushkin Monday, Wednesday
Shushary Monday, Wednesday
Tosno District
Tosno Monday, Wednesday

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