Free delivery terms: from how many bottles, is delivery free to all areas of the city?
Delivery is carried out from 2 bottles to all districts of the city and region.
On what day after the order the delivery takes place, if ordered on weekdays, on weekends. What are the delivery times?
Delivery is carried out the next day in the city. And on schedule in the area.
In the near future there will be 4 time intervals: 9-12, 12-15, 15-18, 18-20.
Is the rise to the floor free of charge?
Free rise
Are there dedicated delivery times for specific areas?

Schedule by day in the area

Area Day of week
Koltushi Thursday
Krasnoye selo Friday
Lakhta Monday
Lisiy nos Monday
Metallstroy Monday
Murino Tuesday, Thursday
Novosel'ye Monday
Novosoratovka Wednesday
Olgino Monday
Pavlovsk Monday, Wednesday
Pantonnyy Monday
Peterhof Monday
Pushkin Monday, Wednesday
Rybatskoe Tuesday
Sapernyy Monday
Sel'tso Friday
Sertolovo Wednesday
Sestrooretsk Monday
Sosnovyy bor Monday (last month)
Strel'na Monday
Tosno Monday, Wednesday
Ust-Luga Friday (once every 2 weeks)
Chernaya rechka Wednesday
Shushary Monday, Wednesday
Yanino Thursday
Is there a deposit for the container, how much is it?
There is no deposit, but there is a fee for the loss of a container of 250 rubles a bottle.
How to order water?
  1. Via the form on the main page and not only on the main page.
  2. In messengers and social networks.
  3. By phone.
  4. Cart.
How do the delivery terms differ in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region?
The conditions are the same for everyone. It is necessary to consider only the delivery schedule by area.